Adaption of your existing loft space either internal or external, to make the functional space that can either be used as a bedroom, bathroom, gym, office etc.  


Long forgotten basement/cellars have often been overlooked by homeowners. These unused spaces can be used as a bedroom, bathroom, gym, office etc.

These spaces are usually as large as the building footprint and does not take much to make the space an additional floor to your property.  

Single storey extension can either be classed as rear, side, front, or all three. It is classed as a single ground floor extension and usually the roof line of the proposal sits beneath the first-floor windows.   

Typically used to extend either the living space or kitchen/utility space. It has also in the past provided space to install downstairs w/c’s for some of our previous clients.   

Double storey is similar to a single storey, that it can either be the front, side or rear (or all three) and is two floors high from the ground level (basically twice the height of a single storey)

This enlargement can allow for the addition of bedrooms to the first floor and can give the homeowner a garage or additional ground floor living space.  

Historically garages have been used to store vehicles but this is not the case in this day and age.

Garages can be converted into living spaces, granny annex’s, gyms, offices, home pub etc.

Historically positioned in the rear gardens the outbuilding was used as a place to carry out washing.

Over time these have become unused. Previous planning adaptions for this outbuilding has be adjoined on the house structure and can provide a large kitchen footprint, or as a bedroom, bathroom or office. 

A popular route taken by many clients is the conversion of unused old agricultural barns into residential developments.

A barn conversion is a development and consequent conversion of a farm building into a habitable building for commercial or residential use. With high ceilings, rustic exteriors and generous proportions, they provide extremely desirable pieces of real estate. 

The main entrance to most properties, this is the first interaction you will have with your building and so will your guests.

Changes can be made to the front of your property and can really transform the dull, repetitive street scene into something bespoke and unique.  

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